April 2021 was zeer koud

Deze conclusie was halverwege april al in de maak. Overal in Nederland viel de temperatuur ver onder het langjarig gemiddelde uit. Dat is ook terug te zien in de statistieken van meteodrenthe.nl voor deze maand. Op weerstation Lieving bleef de gemiddelde temperatuur uiteindelijk net onder de 6 graden steken met 5,99°C. Dat is bijna 4 […]

Weather patterns: April 5th 2021

Early morning on Monday April 5th 2021 saw an interesting weather pattern shift that was very noticeable in almost all reading types; temperature, pressure, wind direction and air quality. Weather reports had already predicted that in the night towards Monday, polar air would enter the Netherlands, temperatures at altitude would drop to -40 and we’d […]

The BMP180 barometer

I have long been unhappy with the performance of the Meteostick internal barometer. Although the values it emits are usually totally acceptable, it tends to spike inexplicably multiple times a day. So, this week I finally came around to installing a new sensor, the Bosch BMP180. Its performance compared to the Meteostick can already be […]