Good barometers: the BMP388 and BMP390

Barometric pressure is considered to be one of the less interesting metrics to measure with a personal weather station. As a factor in global weather predictions it is very important, but in terms of current conditions we learn a lot more from our thermometers, anemometers, rain gauges and other sensors. Especially if we are considering […]

Reading fan speed from the Barani MeteoShield Pro fan-aspirated model (FARS)

In this post, I explained how I use a Wemos D1 Mini microcontroller and a MOSFET module to control the fan speed of a wired fan-aspirated MeteoShield Pro from Barani Design. I am also testing a model with a fan powered by solar panels. Both come with two additional wires connected to a reed switch […]

Controlling fan speed on a Barani Design prototype fan-aspirated radiation shield

Recently, I was fortunate to receive a new prototype model of the fan-aspirated MeteoShield Pro from Barani Design. On this version, the solar panels are replaced with two power wires, making it possible to connect an external power source, allowing the fan to be active 24 hours a day. Varying fan rpm is possible by […]

Getting accurate NTC thermistor readings with a Wemos D1 Mini

A thermistor is a very common type of thermometer. They are cheap and readily available in many forms. Thermistors are are simple devices. A thermistor is basically nothing more than a resistor that changes its resistance with temperature. Very popular are 10K NTC thermistors. Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) means that resistance drops when temperature rises. […]

Trying out a Vaisala DTR504

I’ve pretty much settled on my current radiation shield setup. Based on personal research alongside that of others, I do not think I will find an affordable radiation shield that can outperform the Barani MeteoShield Pro. Whenever I have doubts about radiation errors, the results produced by sensors inside my actively ventilated Apogee TS-100 will […]

Active versus passive ventilation under high radiation

It’s June. An ideal month in the Northern Hemisphere to observe the effectiveness of radiation shields under high solar radiation. Two of my main sensor setups are a passively ventilated Barani MeteoShield Pro with an SHT35 sensor and the actively ventilated Apogee TS-100 with PT100 sensor. In theory, there should be situations where the Barani […]

Temperature sensor responsiveness

The passing of a sharp weather front, accompanied by a sudden increase or decrease in temperature, is a good occasion to analyze temperature sensor behavior. Especially apparent becomes the responsiveness of different sensors. February 4th 2022 didn’t see any spectacular weather, but during the afternoon a cold front passed over which caused a very abrupt […]