My Pi Zero + Meteostick setup

I have been using the Meteostick in combination with a Raspberry Pi to process sensor updates from the Davis Vantage Pro 2 setup for about 10 months now. The setup has undergone some changes. Currently, I have the Meteostick connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero W. This has a singular responsibility: read the updates from the USB port an forward them the Meteodrenthe server.

At the end of the summer, I added a PiJuice Zero. The idea here being that if the power in my house drops out, the Zero can keep running for around a day and cache updates in the mean time. When power is back up (and WiFi), the Java application responsible for the process will start forwarding all cached updates.

In February, I wrote a blog article explaining how the Meteostick can be read from the Linux command line. This is a good way to start to get a grip on how it emits updates when the Davis sensors do. I reposted it here:

I haven’t shared the code I use yet. Anyone wanting to write Java code to read the Meteostick could start by looking at the jSerialComm library. There are examples out there that should make it easy enough to retrieve the data.